The Dancing Child

"Your Best Foundation in Dance. A Great Beginning For Life"

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Welcome to The Dancing Child
A place where your child will receive the best foundation in dance and a great beginning for life. We don't just teach dance, we teach children. We teach the whole child--the mind, the character, the spirit, as well as the physical body. Students at The Dancing Child will increase flexibility, strength, posture, and coordination. But we also concentrate on enhancing creativity, problem solving, cooperative learning, rhythmic knowledge, and intrapersonal development.

For children ages 18 months to 6 years, classes are solely Creative Dance based, which employs movement that is natural and developmentally appropriate. Students do more than merely learn gestures or positions. They develop body connectivity, ease of movement, and the ability to dance freely and confidently through the space, all while still developing foundations of dance technique. We use props, images, rhymes, games, songs, and visual aids to engage the child’s body, mind, and spirit. Children learn to love moving, to trust their bodies, and to find their unique place in the world.

For youth ages 7-14 we offer a wider array of options. While The Dancing Child is primarily a Creative Dance program, as a dancer gets older it is important to broaden their training opportunities with different techniques and genres of dance. However, you can always count on our studio to keep "the dancing child" in mind. Our costumes, music, and movement are always age appropriate. You can trust that costumes are modest, simple, and affordable. Movement is devoid of sexism. Music is clean and uplifting.

We also keep "the dancing child" in mind as our program is low pressure, but high fun. You can count on the highest level of quality instruction from our outrageously qualified teachers, without the highest level of pressure and expense. We do not participate in competitions, but rather focus on exceptional classroom training. We culminate the year with a performance in April, May, or June as a final hurrah for all we've learned and experienced.

Our dancers have gone on to train with Ballet West, Nebo Gymnastics, BYU youth dance programs, and other highly acclaimed studios. The foundation received at The Dancing Child can transfer to athletics, martial arts, gymnastics, or any genre of dance. More important is the fact that YOUR child can remember having had a positive experience with dance, whether they continue on in the artform or not.

Whether you’re looking to see a young DANCER blossom or simply a young CHILD blossom, The Dancing Child will provide a safe, nurturing, and positive environment for your student to grow.